Get to Know Bruce Charet

Bruce Charet, the current scribe at the Friars Club, is arguably most famous for his numerous connections within the world of show business. Usually found dabbling in some producing himself or supporting other producers and directors, Charet has a number of successful projects under his belt.

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Bruce Charet’s Career

Charet was the co-executive producer of a 2006 children’s TV series called Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks. It followed the story of a group of monster trucks going on various adventures, and was nominated in 2007 for a Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Special Class Animated Program category.

Charet also worked as one of four producers on a new musical adaptation of the 1964 Rat Pack movie Robin and the 7 Hoods, which made its Broadway debut in the spring of 2010. The adaptation was praised by many for giving younger generations the opportunity to experience such a classic in a more modern light, including a blog post from the Los Angeles Times which stated that the “orchestrations couldn’t be smoother” and that the show “rouses the crowd with its tap-dancing and general swing”.


Lesser Known Facts

A little lesser known aspect of Bruce Charet’s career is that he was once Reverend Al Sharpton’s entertainment manager in Los Angeles. Working at the William Morris Agency, Charet often represented Al Sharpton in business meetings and conferences, following Sharpton’s success on the show Saturday Night Live.

Some of the work he has done as part of the Friars Club includes an interview with Sona Oganesyan, which has been uploaded to her YouTube channel, a podcast interview with the group Martini In The Morning that was posted on their Soundcloud, and various influences on and contributions to books written by Alan King, Jeff Abram, and Deena Martin, amongst others.


Giving Back Through the Friar’s Club

Due to his numerous successful career ventures, Bruce Charet has been able to do charitable and pro bono work over the past decade. His most notable charity work was almost exclusively for the Friars Club, with the exceptions being his support for the Jewish Historical Society by being part of the Dinner Honorary Committee in 2016, as well as his involvement with the Homeward Bound Telethon in 2013.


As a member of the Friars Club, Charet also had the opportunity to be the executive producer of a tribute evening dedicated to Frank Sinatra, in celebration of his 100th birthday. Attendees included Dominic Chianese, Deana Martin and Steve Tyrell, amongst many others. The evening saw about 400 guests celebrating the life and career of Frank Sinatra, with numerous performances of his songs by some of the attendees.



Bruce brings a long history in showbusiness to the table


Bruce doesn't stop until the job is done


Bruce is deeply committed to the projects and causes he cares about


From comedy to production, Bruce has depth and breadth of experience

Sharing his Passions with the World

A Passion for Music

Of his many interests, Bruce Charet is the most passionate about music; he has compiled a playlist of some of his favourite Christmas songs on his Spotify account. Consisting of 12 hours of delightful holiday music, this playlist lets you enjoy some well-loved classics, as well as some hidden gems, discovered online by Charet himself.

The Online World and Beyond

In the online world, Charet is most active on his Facebook account. He can often be found sharing his interests in music, for example linking an article about a performance by Judy Garland. He also often wholeheartedly expresses his support for Jewish communities all over the world, sharing articles and helpful resources to his friends and followers. He also enjoys sharing educational resources about linguistics, science and politics.


Alongside his Facebook and Spotify accounts, Charet also has accounts on the social media sites Twitter and Instagram, and can easily be found by searching his full name on either site. Similarly to his Facebook, but perhaps less frequently, Charet uses these accounts to share his personal interests, as well as opinions on a wide range of topics, with the world.




Bruce has enjoyed a long and storied career in comedy and television

Friar’s Club

Bruce is the Scribe of Friar’s Club and is heavily involved in its charitable causes


Bruce’s favorite playlist is a collection of Christmas music (including many hiddem gems discovered by Bruce himself)


Bruce also enjoys sharing educational resources about linguistics, science and politics

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